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Open up to new and countless ways of relaxing your body, mind and spirit.

Daily Schedule / Rates

Daily SPA access – 12:00 – 21:00
Daily Massages – 13:00 – 20:00

Full Day SPA – 120 RON/person/day (for hotel guests)
Full Day SPA – 140 RON/person/day (for outside guests)

Half Day* SPA – 70 RON/person (hotel guests)
Half Day* SPA – 85 RON/person (outside guests)

Access is based on prior reservation, at least 24 hours in advance, subject to availability.

*Schedule for Half Day 12:00 – 17:00 / 17:00 – 21:00

Kids Daily Schedule / Kids Rates

Access for kids Daily – 12:00 – 17:00

SPA Access for kids – 55 RON/child (for hotel guests)
SPA Access for kids – 65 RON/child (outside guests)

To access the SPA a reservation has to be made with at least 24h in advance. 

Access is not permitted for kids up to 6 years.

Access for kids with the minimum age of 6 years is permitted only with parental supervision.




Swimming brings health and relaxation to the body and mind alike.

Finnish sauna

The Finnish sauna is an ancient custom, which is now part of international culture and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is one of the most beneficial care and relaxation rituals known.

Himalayan salt

It is a solution for both respiratory ailments and a total relaxation session. Himalayan salt crystals are considered the most effective in purification. The ions that this salt produces help in combating the negative effects of the polluting environment in which we live, thus reducing the level of daily stress.

Steam bath

You may find that steam baths are good for your health. It has beneficial effects on circulation, reducing muscle tension, stress accumulated during the day. Moreover, it helps to open the sinuses and to develop the appearance by cleaning the pores.

Relax area

It is a welcoming place, carefully thought out and arranged, to introduce you to the complete relaxation session.

Aromatic sauna

The beneficial effect of the aromatherapy is known and at Hermanns Spa we start by inviting you to explore your senses and relax.


The Turkish bath is a sauna with hot air and a very high degree of humidity specially created to bring benefits to physical and mental health. Such a ritual helps to maintain good blood circulation, purification, relaxation of muscles and joints, as well as deep cleansing of the skin and relieving pain.

Ice fountain

După o saună sau o baie de aburi este ca un desert după un festin delicios rolul acesteia fiind racirea si relaxarea inainte de o noua sesiune SPA


Of course, the massage remains an important ritual in any day at the spa, and these moments of relaxation and body health are made for your health and to help you regain your inner balance at the same time.


Additional Information

Spa entrance is separate from Hermanns Hotel, the access is from outside, next to the terrace of the Roter Ofen restaurant. The Spa’s changing room is equipped with a robe, towel, and slippers.

Payment for access to the Spa is made at the Hermanns Hotel reception, cash/card/room account (for hotel guests).

Drinks are not allowed in the SPA area, except for those served at the Spa bar.

It is not allowed to use your own audio devices; the music being only the ambient one, offered by the location.

Access with pets of any kind is prohibited.

A bathing suite is mandatory in order to access the SPA Area

Access to the pool is only  allowed after showering (it is not allowed to enter the pool after using body creams/oils) and a swimming helmet will be used at the pool.

The pool is not supervised, and its use will be made on your own responsibility. Hermanns Spa is not responsible for any accidents.

Access to the pool is prohibited for people with open wounds, dermatitis, dermatoses, or transmissible diseases.

Hermanns Spa reserves the right to deny access to the pool to people who have skin conditions, are under the influence of alcohol or exhibit inappropriate behaviour towards the location or other guests / do not comply with Hermanns Spa internal regulations.

Access with chewing gum / smoking is not allowed inside the Spa area. Smoking tax 500 euros/person.

Hermanns Spa reserves the right to open any locker room compartment in the following situations: a robbery has been reported, in the event of a fire, there is a suspicion that there are flammable, explosive, or chemical products in the compartments, at the request of the law enforcement agencies, damage to the installations thermal, sanitary, or electrical that require immediate intervention at the respective cabinet, other special situations.

 Guests assume their own responsibility for entering the swimming pool, saunas and massages if they suffer from heart disease or other diseases that could lead to accidents.

 Hermanns Spa assumes no responsibility for personal items left unsupervised.

Access to the saunas is done without a bathing suit, only with the special sauna towels available in the locker room. Customers are warned that nudism can be practiced in the sauna area and declare that they assume any physical or moral damage suffered by accessing the nudism area or in the area with high temperature or humidity.

Access to the sauna with jewellery is prohibited.

The access of children up to 6 years old is not allowed.

Access for children over 6 years is done under the strict supervision of parents or legal supervisor.

Children and adults are not allowed to enter the pool area with agreement materials (balls, ring coils or others) and jumping into the water, tumbles, or other games.

Thank you for your understanding and we look forward to welcoming you at Hermanns SPA Sibiu